Turn texts into cash!

Turn your unused text allowance into cash by downloading the amazing and totally FREE textpal app. Get paid by Paypal or even collect your cash in person from any UK Post Office!

If you’re a Samsung user then download from the Galaxy Store.

Any other Android phone users should download direct and follow the installation instructions.

Here’s how…

It’s ingenious!

Our ingenious app sends a number of texts automatically from your phone directly to our servers each day. Don’t fret though – NOT ONE of these texts will be spam, marketing messages or anything unpleasant like that. In fact they won’t say anything at all.

It’s super clever!

But here’s the clever bit – we receive a small payment from our network partners for every text that terminates on our servers (you see, this is how the wonderful world of texting works here in Blighty).

It’s super generous!

Then – because we’re super generous here at textpal – we share a chunk of these payments with you, our lovely textpal users, to spend however you wish. Redeem your textpal credits for cash each month by either paypal or even collect in cash at any UK Post Office! That’s all there is to it!

The textpal promise

We promise NONE of your texts will be used for spam.
We promise NONE of your texts will be used for marketing messages of ANY kind.
We promise textpal will not interfere with your normal phone usage in any way.

We promise textpal will not clutter up your inbox with textpal messages.

We promise all of your texts will ONLY be sent to our own servers, where they will terminate.
We promise to never, ever, ever sell or pass on your personal data to any third party

Sounds amazing! So how does textpal work?


Set up

Set up your textpal account and see your cash balance grow every day!


Refer a friend (or even enemies) and get a £2.50 boost to your textpal account. See the FAQ section at the top of this site for full details.

Cash in

When you get a £10 balance or above, then cash in using your paypal account. Or…


Show your cash-in code at any UK Post Office to collect your lovely Lucra in proper pound notes!


Spend, spend, spend however you wish (probably not on face masks).

Ready to make some Lovely lucra?

With textpal you can make money just for sending your unused texts. Start earning now..