How does Textpal work?

It’s really quite simple. Firstly, download the totally free textpal app from either The Samsung Galaxy Store or the direct APK download from this website. Spend a minute or so signing up, set the slider to 2,500 texts per month for a maximum payout and that’s it! Each day the textpal app will send a number of texts (around 80 or so) from your phone to our servers, where they terminate. These texts don’t contain any content at all apart from a unique textpal code. At no time will any of your texts be used for spam marketing or anything unpleasant at all. In fact, these texts will never be actually be seen by anyone, so no need to fret. For each text that successfully terminates on our servers, we receive a small payment from our network partners. This is how the mobile industry has worked pretty much since the beginning of time. All networks pay each other for texts that land on other networks platforms. Anyhow, we share a portion of this revenue with you.

Does textpal work on any phone network?

Yes, textpal works across all UK networks, as long as you have an unlimited text bundle within your contract or PAYG sim. A small amount of sim deals offer a limited amount of texts, so make sure this doesn’t apply to your individual deal before using textpal.

Is textpal completely free to download and use?
It certainly is! It costs not one jot to download and not a single iota thereafter. The money is all one-way – from textpal to your textpal account!
How many of my sms’ be used?
The default amount of texts is around 2,500 per month. It is possible to reduce this amount within the app, however. See the in-app menu.
How much can I hope to make each month?

Normal usage of around 2,500 texts per month will generate around £8-£9 in free cash per month, but you can boost your textpal balance by £2.50 for every friend you recommend. Each £2.50 referral reward will be applied automatically once the friend you refereed completes a month of usage or 2,500 texts whichever is sooner. So, in a typical 12 month period a user who sends the full amount each mom that and refers 6 friends, for instance can expect to earn around £120 in free cash.

So I’ve signed up, but my cash balance isn’t going up as fast as it should be?

Don’t worry, this is easily fixed. If you go to ‘Help’ on the home page then enter your phone make and model and you will find various fixes.

This is often due to you having some battery saving settings on.

How do I actually get paid by textpal?

You get paid by one of two ways. Either by collecting cash in person at any UK Post Office or alternatively we can send your money to any designated paypal account. If you’re interested in the paypal method, but don’t have a paypal account then click on the in-app link. It’s very easy to set-up.

So if I want to collect my cash from the Post Office, how does this work?

When you cash-in we will send you a text, which contains a unique 16 digit number. This code relates to the Post Office’s PayOut service. Simply, show this text containing the code at any Post Office counter and, hey presto, Mr (or Mrs) Postie will hand over your cash. That’s it! It’s best to take some ID as this may be asked for.

Will my data/personal details be sold to or used by third parties?

We absolutely piggy-promise that we will never, ever, ever, ever, share our valued textpal users’ details or data with any third party origination/s. Ok? We clear on this? Good.

Does my handset always need to be on for textpal to work?

Just like your phone would need to be on whilst texting normally,  then likewise for textpal.

When I logged into the app Android asked me if I will allow textpal to access my SMS function. Is this important?

Oh yes, this is super important. If you said YES, then there’s nothing to worry about. However, if you said NO, then the app will not work and you will not make any money! So to fix this you need to go into your settings and select permissions. You will need to allow textpal to access your SMS function. This is essential for textpal to work.

Can I make more money by referring friends?

You most certainly can. We touched on this earlier, but you will get a £2.50 boost to your account for every friend (or enemy) you recommend textpal to. The £2.50 will be automatically credited when the friend you referred gets through one month of texting or 2,500 texts whichever happens sooner. You can recommend as many friends as you wish. So if you’re really, really popular then the sky’s the limit!

Can I do something to make sure my SMS inbox is not cluttered with textpal messages?

Yes you can! See the website for an upgrade which automatically deletes textpal messages from your inbox. Alternatively, you can just delete them manually. This upgrade should be available February 2021.


How can I contact textpal?

Just email us at and we will get right back to you!